My French has gotten rusty this semester, but I’ve been way better at reading it than most native English speakers at my level since I started taking French courses 12 years ago, and despite my lack of speaking it for a while, I’m pretty sure I understand the concept of this.  But bare with me, just in case.

What I gather is that in Riems (or Rhiems), a city of almost two hundred thousand in the Champagne region of France, known back in the day for the crowning of kings being held there, there was a festival held at the Cartonnerie called “Mind the rock,” for about four years or so, but this year the festival is getting a facelift of sorts and its name is changing to “We want music!” a more apt title for the festival, I’d say. The festival had started straying from its purely rock name and was leaning more towards electronic music anyway, so it just became a more apt title.  The actual festival is scheduled for around May with “Shaka Ponk” headlining, or at least very anticipated for the show, but until then there will be smaller concerts put on by the same people.

I’ll be honest: the only reason I read this article is because I searched Kid Bombardos and it came up.  Their only relevance to the article? That they’ll be playing one of the many shows the company putting on, starting November 5 with Kandy, and Roneo Massacre.  ONE DAY… ONE DAY… I’m going to get to see those cute french boys in their weird hip french clothes.